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Brace Yourselves: Microsoft Office Coming To iOS and Android Devices

Android and iOS device users all over the world are rejoicing over the news – although unconfirmed – that Microsoft are working on a version of the seminal Microsoft Office package for release on Android and iOS tablets. Although far … Continue reading

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Google Take The Wheel With Google Drive

If you’ve been following the tech news over the last few years, you’ll most likely have heard a lot about cloud storage, and cloud-based internet services. In essence, cloud storage is a way of saving your files away from your … Continue reading

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Fiat: Evil Marketing Geniuses

The internet has been a medium for pranks and practical jokes for almost as long as it has any for any other purpose. This weekend, news broke that this is even true among international corporations. In a bold move that … Continue reading

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Social Media and Bookmarking what your business needs to know

Regardless of whether you use the internet primarily for personal use, or as part of your daily work routine, the chances are that you will have encountered social bookmarking somewhere along the line. Social bookmarking is now being used on … Continue reading

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The Tablet Devices Revolution

We now live in what has come to be known as the post-PC era. For the past two years, prominent technology companies – led by Apple – have been moving more towards a tablet-oriented mode of internet use. Opinion has … Continue reading

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