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Happy Birthday iPhones

Tomorrow marks the fifth birthday of one of the most popular devices of the past decade – Apple’s iconic smartphone, the iPhone. January 2007 brought us the first whiff of a versatile, high-powered mobile device, with the iPhone being displayed … Continue reading

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Losing Ground – Further Setbacks For Google Maps

Google have taken another sizeable blow this week; just the latest in a long line of recent setbacks. Everything from legal intervention and criminal investigations to the loss of a portion of traffic to their eponymous search engine, following outrage … Continue reading

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One If By Land, Two If By Sea – Three If By Waterway

Google made the news once again in June with the announcement that Google Maps would soon be updating its database to include canals and waterways as viable routes for travel. The announcement came after Google partnered up with the Canal … Continue reading

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New Microsoft Device To Lock Horns With Apple’s Iconic iPad

Microsoft, perennial rival of Mac masterminds Apple Inc, have this week announced that they will be expanding into a niche in which they have so far been dominated by other companies – the lucrative tablet industry. It has been speculated … Continue reading

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Google Vs. The FCC: The Street View Privacy Scandal To Be Re-Investigated

The 2010 online privacy investigation into Google’s activities while collecting imaging data for their Street View data was a big deal for the search engine giant. Google were accused of harvesting private data including text messages, e-mails and passwords – … Continue reading

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The Rise And Fall Of Brian Thompson: Yahoo’s Latest CEO Fails To Perform

The past month has seen an immense number of changes for Brian Thompson. Formerly the CEO of eBay-owned online transaction company PayPal, Thompson was appointed CEO of Yahoo! in January this year – with the intention of changing the fortunes … Continue reading

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