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The Blame Game

One of the problems with the Web marketing business is that it is very easy for new companies to come along and blame the previous company for all the problems. Some companies specialise in this approach.  Surprisingly, nothing is ever … Continue reading

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Facebook may have 54 million fake users

Facebook said earlier this year that it estimates 5 – 6% of those registered with the social network may be fake Facebook accounts. So not real people reading the ads that we are seeing on the site. Does this matter … Continue reading

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Losing Ground – Further Setbacks For Google Maps

Google have taken another sizeable blow this week; just the latest in a long line of recent setbacks. Everything from legal intervention and criminal investigations to the loss of a portion of traffic to their eponymous search engine, following outrage … Continue reading

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Fiat: Evil Marketing Geniuses

The internet has been a medium for pranks and practical jokes for almost as long as it has any for any other purpose. This weekend, news broke that this is even true among international corporations. In a bold move that … Continue reading

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