Facebook may have 54 million fake users

Facebook said earlier this year that it estimates 5 – 6% of those registered with the social network may be fake Facebook accounts. So not real people reading the ads that we are seeing on the site. Does this matter or do you factor in a percentage of fake accounts when you price up your marketing spend?

These fake Facebook accounts may be old ones that people have let lapse or they may be ones that have been set up by marketing companies or computer programmers in an attempt to spam the Facebook system.

In an interesting story on the BBC website Rory Cellan-Jones the Technology correspondent at BBC News investigates what impact this may have on Facebook now that the companies first financial results since flotation are soon to be published.

If a newspaper says it has 10 million readers it tends to be able to charge more for the advertisements in the paper than one that has 10,000 readers and with Facebook making money from advertising are they going to be forced to clean house and aggressively shut down suspicious accounts?

It is an interesting situation and one that needs to be monitored, anyone paying for advertising on Facebook needs to be factoring these fake accounts into their thinking when deciding where to spend their marketing budgets.

To read the full report from Rory Cellan-Jones go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-18813237

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