Happy Birthday iPhones

Tomorrow marks the fifth birthday of one of the most popular devices of the past decade – Apple’s iconic smartphone, the iPhone. January 2007 brought us the first whiff of a versatile, high-powered mobile device, with the iPhone being displayed at the Macworld convention in San Francisco – it wasn’t until June 29th 2007 that the world was officially introduced to the device that so many of us would eventually come to own.

Ahead of this week’s milestone, Apple have released a short press release detailing the profits made through sales of their various incarnations of the iPhone. According to the company’s financial research, over 250 million iPhone handsets have been shipped all over the world – that’s a quarter of a billion units – resulting in revenue generated for the company in the region of $150bn.

When the iPhone first came on the scene, it first and foremost represented two things. First of all, it represented a tremendous leap forward in terms of the technical capabilities of a handheld device. Smartphones were only just beginning to emerge, and the iPhone did it more stylishly than any other devices around at the time. It also represented a badge of honour for trendy technophiles – early incarnations of what would come to be affectionately know (mostly) as the Apple hipsters.

As the years went by and the world took notice of the burgeoning app market, the iPhone gradually opening itself up to a wider range of users. iPhones were no longer being solely used by kids and teenagers – the vast array of apps that a user could customise his or her phone with was starting to draw in older, more mature users.

Apple continued to assess the results of their ongoing customer satisfaction studies, ensuring that they constantly put out products, apps and services that would interest all aspects of the markets. New incarnations of the iPhone came along, increasing the technical capacity of the device once again, allowing for even greater functionality than before. In spite of a host of competitors springing up to lock horns with Apple (Samsung, Google and Blackberry, to name but a few) the company has remained at the head of the industry.

With the figures reported in this week’s birthday press release, it’s apparent that Apple’s diligence in adjusting to fluctuations and developments in the market has paid off dividends.

What makes the figures even more impressive is the fact that more than a hundred million of the units included in Apple’s ’250 million sold’ figure were actually shipped in the past year – which just goes to show, the company’s growth is far from slowing down.

With the newest version of the iPhone on its way later this year, smart money (and indeed smartphone money) is being placed on Apple’s financial growth and technological success continuing to increase. With Facebook stock failing to perform as expected, it may be that Apple stock is the way forward for the technophilic investor. Savvy techies will no doubt be very closely following Apple’s movements over the next few months – and we’re no exception. We’ll keep you updated on the latest iPhone news and developments.

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