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setting up your email account

At Cravenplan we provide

  • up to 1,000 email addresses per client
  • an incoming email service on our server
  • spam and anti-virus processing
  • webmail facility for collecting mail from anywhere in the world

If your ISP supports Microsoft Outlook Express you can follow the steps below to set up your account.

Follow the steps below to easily set up your account in Microsoft Outlook v5.

1) Accounts

email setup

Go to Tools menu and select Accounts... (near the bottom)

2) Mail

email setup

Click the Add button and select Mail from the popup menu.

3) Display Name

email setup

Type in the name you want to appear on your messages.

4) Email Address

email setup

Select 'I already have an e-mail address...' and enter your assigned e-mail address.

5) Incoming mail server type

email setup

Select POP3 for 'Incoming mail server'

6) Incoming mail server

email setup

For 'Incoming mail server' enter "mail.cravenplan-uk.com"

7) Outgoing mail server

email setup

Your 'Outgoing mail server' is your ISP's mail server, used for outgoing e-mail.
(If you are unsure of your ISP settings, please call us on 0800 135 7304 and we will try to help you).
Click Next.

8) Account Name & Password

email setup

Enter your assigned account name (your e-mail address) and password.
Tick 'Remember password'.
Do NOT tick 'Log on using secure password authentication'.
Click Next.

9) Finished

email setup

That's it you are done.

10) Collecting mail

email setup

To begin receiving new mail click the Send/Receive button on Outlook's toolbar

Setting up an alternate reply address:

These instructions are for Outlook Express Version 5.x.

  • Open Outlook Express and go to the Tools menu and select Accounts...
  • Click Mail and select from the list your Cravenplan E-mail account (it might be called "mail.cravenplan-uk.com").
  • Click the Properties button.
  • In the "Reply address:" box enter your E-mail address (e.g. "johnsmith@swallowcliffe.com").
  • Click OK.
  • Your alternate reply address has now been successfully set up.

After following these instructions you should be set up to collect your E-mail from your new account. Congratulations.


BT internet

To send mail on a BT internet mail server you must now use the "authenticate on send" feature. This can be configured in outlook and outlook express in "extra options" or "advanced settings". The thing to remember is that though you use the same user name and password when collecting and receiving email from the BT account you must use different ones when receiving from the cravenplan server. Hence you need to configure the following (for the Cravenplan account only):

  • incoming mail server: mail.cravenplan.net
  • outgoing mail server: <The name of your outgoing BT server>
  • Username: <The craveplan supplied username ie aperson@adomain.co.uk>
  • password: <the password supplied for the above username>

You then need to find the "my outgoing server requires authentication" option often found from the options menu. Enable "my outgoing server requires authentication" and select the "user name and password is different" part so you can now enter your BT user name and password for the outgoing server. Once this is done you can receive email from the cravenplan server and send via the BT server.

A final note, as a further tightening up of security a lot of ISP are starting to require the email address on email to match their domain. Hence you will have to enter your BT address as the default email address on the email account in outlook you receive the mail from. To prevent this being a problem you can enter the cravenplan supplied email address in the reply to field in the options so that people will reply to the correct mail box.

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