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How to choose a SEO company

The benefits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are well known but important to address, the aim of SEO is to help a site rise in the search engines and maintain the higher positions for the search terms people are using to find your goods and services.

You should check on the following before hiring a SEO company:

  • Does the SEO company you are looking at have a good track record?
  • Are they solvent? - check their accounts at Companies House for £1
  • Where do they appear in Google?
  • Can they point to successes they have had?
  • Do you trust them?
  • Are they nice people to do business with?
  • Do they have experience in different business sectors?
  • Are they professional without being too technical?

A good SEO company will always start working for you by looking at your competition, in the larger market, this gives an idea of the work that must be done in order to get you ranked well.

Keyword research – unless they know how people are looking for your product or service then they will not know what to optimise your site for.

Will the work be done in-house - often companies outsource work. This may work well (we use trusted suppliers) or it may be a disaster - we know of several companies where work is outsourced to low cost "sweat shop" operations in India resulting in very poor quality work being posted on client's behalf.

Optimising the site – This is done to focus the search engines' attention where you want it, this is an ongoing process as the search engines often change what they consider important.

Ongoing support – To ensure the long term viability of the SEO work on the site you need a company that is going to continue working with you for the long term, optimising a site and then leaving it just does not work.

Warning signs and things to avoid:

Companies that promise you the number 1 spot in Google for a term – no company can guarantee a top position, anyone who says they can is being dishonest or does not know what they are talking about.

Companies that offer you hundreds or thousands of links for $49 this will harm your site, not help it.

Companies whose site is not in the top results for their own search terms. I know this is going to sound like a pathetic excuse, but our own site is currently languishing because all the work done in the past is now being used by Urban Media to promote their own site. Ask me for more details please!

Companies who do not listen to you and insist on the keywords you should use, if they do this it is normally because these keywords are easier to rank for and will provide less traffic to your site – if the keywords generate more traffic than those you have chosen they should be able to prove this to you before they start work.

Following these simple tips should help you choose a SEO company that will help you in the search engine rankings, if you have not done so already call the SEO team at Cravenplan for more information on why we think we can help.


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