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Chris Stanbury, one of the UK’s leading experts in PC Mapper, has written and compiled the following Mapper runs.

How we minimise the cost

Free 30-Day Downloads of Shareware Versions. If you want to go on using them after 30 days, please register and pay – so that we can afford to develop more runs.

Discounts: Although Prices quoted are per system - i.e. you must purchase 2 copies if the utility is to be used by 2 computers on the same site - multiple purchases win big discounts:

  • 2nd – 4th copies: 25% discount
  • 5th – 9th copies: 50% discount
  • Further copies: 70% discount
  • NOTE: 1100 systems will always qualify for the 17+ rate
  • Unix systems will be charged the 4-16 rate, unless more than 17 users can be connected.

What you get by registering – and paying: Source code and comments, enabling easy adaptations. To register interest, email chris@cravenplan-uk.com

Unless otherwise stated, they run on any Mapper system, from Personal Mapper, to the largest 1100.

  • And they all contain a useful Help feature, plus full installation details.
  • Where relevant, all runs will check the user mode switch table, before allowing access to other modes.

Click here to download complete set of utilities. (159Kb)


COMP/DECOMP (19Kb) is the nearest thing to a MAPPER compiler and can be used to build a new version of a run with no comments and as many statements as possible on one line. Runs work up to 40% faster and use fewer system resources. PMS/NT/OS2 £245 UNIX/BTOS £490 MAINFRAME £980

RENUM (21Kb) Similar in concept to a BASIC renum this run allows run writers to use labels in any order when writing runs. RENUM can at any time be called to relabel the run including of course all labels in statements. Start label and increment can be specified or various default values may be used. Existing labels are found and displayed as a result allowing changes to be made before continuing with the relabelling process. Another useful feature of this run is that optionally a result of all labels, and line numbers where they were called from, can be built for display at the end of the run. PMS/NT/OS2 £195 UNIX/BTOS £375 MAINFRAME £775

VL (14Kb) provides a list of all variables used in a run rid. Also gives line and column of each use and initialised type. Gives warning list of variables only accessed once. PMS/NT/OS2 £45 UNIX/BTOS £95 MAINFRAME £195

VC (14Kb) will change selected numbered variables within a run rid. A very useful feature is the option to re-number automatically the variable numbers in order within a run rid. PMS/NT/OS2 £65 UNIX/BTOS £125 MAINFRAME £250

COMM (14Kb) A useful utility on sites where runs are being written. This run will re-arrange comments in a run to start in a specified column making the run much neater and so the run maintenance much easier. Also includes an option to centre output lines and section headers marked in a certain way. PMS/OS2 £45 UNIX/BTOS £95 MAINFRAME £195

AUTOMATIC OPERATION All the above runs, with the exception of VL can be run using a list of rids, allowing them to process several runs without user intervention, allowing for example, the over-night compression of a complete series of runs. A useful feature is a report detailing the success or failure of each run, which is displayed when the whole job has finished.


MTREE (37Kb) - The Ultimate File Management Utility For Mapper

Scenario - Your cabinets are littered with unused and out of date rids. It is wasting an enormous amount of space and a lot of your time checking among the clutter that important information is not destroyed. You decide to squeeze a day of your productive hours into your schedule to organise this mess.

MTREE to the rescue. MTREE can potentially cut your day's work into minutes. By logging cabinet(s), you get a visual structure of your Mapper system. You can select which cabinet(s) you want to work on simply by pressing a key and the information on each rid within the cabinet(s) will be displayed. Individual rids, a group or a range of rids can be tagged (selected) by the press of a key and global functions can be performed on them. Just imagine - functions such as Delete, Move, Copy, Verify... can be performed in batch within any location of the Mapper system. Compared to doing this manually and individually, the time saving is tremendous.

MTREE gives unprecedented flexibility and user friendliness for Mapper users. No longer will you need to strain to remember the syntax of Mapper functions or search in vain for the reference manual - full Mapper file management power is only a few key strokes away. With on-line help available and full function key support, this is the one and only utility for you. System administrators, run designers, manual users take heed - there is no substitute.


Mtree Features

  • Authorisation checks for system security (uses drawer permissions table).
  • Individual cabinets, pairs of cabinets or all cabinets can be logged. In addition, you can have a quick log which just logs the drawers of each cabinet or a deep log which logs the rids in each drawer as well. Another option is to log the cabinets for a particular user name.
  • Visual display of cabinet, drawer and rid structure.
  • Tagging can be on a drawer or on individual rids.
  • Tags can be inverted, removed or all reports can be tagged.
  • Show tagged, untagged or all rids regardless of the drawer or cabinet.
  • Statistics are available on the number of tagged rids, the width of the drawer, the total lines, access rights and the number of drawers logged.
  • Rids can be sorted by various orders (date (ascending/descending); size (ascending/descending); rid, drawer, cabinet; cabinet, drawer, rid).
  • Rid selection by cabinet, drawer, rid, description, date or length using fixed or ranges of values.
  • Comprenhensive function set that operates on individual or tagged rids - Locate, Verify, Display, Move, Copy, Delete, Backup.
  • Add rids or a number of rids.
  • Build indexes on a drawer containing run rids.
  • Retrieve files from operating system (not available on all operating systems).
  • Batch or individual processing of rids.
  • Tools set available. Each one can be used individually, or a group can be selected, to operate in sequence on a batch of rids or on individual rids. It uses Cravenplan utilities (you can select eight from nine possible ones) or your own runs. For example, you can select Renumber, Comment, Compress, Print and Backup in that sequence to be run against one or more rids.
  • Delete drawers (for co-ordinators only).
  • Cabinet generation (for co-ordinators only).


REBFN (19Kb) - Used to redistribute binary find data more efficiently. Data which must be kept in binary find sequence can become unevenly spread over a number of rids. This run will rearrange the data over a chosen number of rids or into rids of a set size. The run has built in checks to avoid splitting the data where the binary find key is the same. Also checks to see that data is not split between primary line type and comment lines. Too many extra options to list here,enquire for full details. PMS/NT/OS2 £125 UNIX/BTOS £250 MAINFRAME £495

KEEP/SEE (14Kb) - KEEP is used to store details of a displayed rid or result. Then at any time thereafter the same rid or result may be redisplayed at the same line and in the same format using SEE. Details are stored on a table by user and optionally by station number. Any number of rids / results can be "kept" by using version names. e.g. KEEP,version. On Personal Mapper Systems results larger than the maximum rid size can also now be stored and redisplayed. SEE has a co-ordinator option allowing deletion of selected items from the keep table. Kept results are stored for future display. This pair of runs is extremely useful when you regularly access data from different modes, for example when writing a run you could call up test data in another mode to make alterations before testing the run. If required a co-ordinator could also use SEE to allow users to view rids in modes which they cannot normally access. PMS/NT/OS2 £30 EACH UNIX/BTOS £60 EACH MAINFRAME £130 EACH

COMPARE (17Kb) - This run continues where the Compare function leaves off. It provides a dual window display to compare and manipulate two reports. It has facilities to compare the reports from the current lines, find the next non blank matching lines, copy lines from one report to the other, scroll either window independently and modify the reports on screen directly. Invaluable for run version control and data integrity checking alike. PMS/OS2 £95 UNIX/BTOS £195 MAINFRAME £395

P (15Kb) - Offers straight print of displayed rid or result. The PC MAPPER version automatically sets the printer to correct print width. Up to 99 copies, in any format, can be made in NLQ or draft quality. Prints may be made with or without line numbers and with or without headers or with page headers. A useful menu option is available for novice users. PMS/NT/OS2 £45 UNIX/BTOS £90 MAINFRAME £180

BACKUP (19Kb) - Is used to BACKUP any combination of a range of modes or individual modes or types or rids to hard disk or floppy disk. Hard disk backup is only available on PMS with level 2r1 or greater. Rids are saved to disk as PRN files and may be retrieved either manually or using RESCUE. Unattended overnight BACKUP is available with automatic exit from PMS and use of SYTOS tape systems. PMS/NT/OS2 £95 UNIX/BTOS £195 MAINFRAME N/A

RESCUE (14Kb) - Is used to bring back into MAPPER, files saved using BACKUP or RIDMAKER. It is possible to RESCUE any combination of a range of modes or individual modes or types or rids or an entire MAPPER system from hard disk or floppy disk disk. Hard disk access for PMS is only available on level 2R1. PMS/NT/OS2 £95 UNIX/BTOS £195 MAINFRAME N/A

HEX (12Kb) - Hex / Binary / Decimal calculator with conversion between each. PMS/NT/OS2 £50 UNIX/BTOS £95 MAINFRAME £190

RLOC (12Kb) - Allows users to locate over a range of rids. Various options allow update or list of all occurrences with rid headers. PMS/NT/OS2 £50 UNIX/BTOS £95 MAINFRAME £190

CHKDSK (13Kb) - This utility performs the same sort of function as the DOS chkdsk, giving details of disk usage in the MAPPER partition. Gives a list of all rids and their size in lines, bytes, 1K blocks and 8K blocks. Can be used on one mode, a range of modes or all modes. Information given is split into Mode, Type and Rid. Useful to see whether a mode or type will fit on a diskette and to see how much disk space is still available. PMS/NT/OS2 £50 UNIX/BTOS £95 MAINFRAME £190

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