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what can search engine optimisation (SEO) do to help you ?

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This is a fair question and one we are pleased you asked, it allows us to share some amazing figures with you.

As a company we have access to a lot of statistics from Websites and we are able to compare those that have search engine optimisation (SEO) with those that do not and we have found the following about our clients' sites.

  • sites that have SEO get an average of 22,421 visitors a month.

  • sites that don't have SEO get an average of 1,559 visitors a month.

So that's over 14X the number of visitors for a site that has SEO compared to one that does not.

The page views are also increased dramatically; in fact those that have SEO get 20X more page views than those who do not.

what does this mean to my business?

If your site is earning you £500 a month at the moment
With good SEO you could see that income rise to £7,000 a month.


  • 14X more visitors can result in 14X more sales.

how did we come up with these figures?

We have a number of sites that we host. At the time of research:

  • 57 Have SEO work done
  • 27 Do not have SEO work done

We added the number of visitors received from each site and divided them by the number of sites in that category
this gives us the following equations.

SEO site visitors per month

1,278,037 / 57 sites = 22,421 Average visitors per month

Non SEO site visitors per month

42,101 / 27 sites = 1559 Average visitors per month

SEO Page views per month

3,307,551 / 57 sites = 58,027 Average page views per month

Non SEO Page views per month

77,890 / 27 sites = 2,885 Average page views per month

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