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meta tags

Meta tags are one of the most important features of your Web site. They offer a golden opportunity to get customers.


  • The "Title" tag is generally used by Google in the blue underlined site label
  • The "Description" tag is usually used by google following the blue section
  • Title and Description tags should be unique for each page
  • Title tags should typically be 30-60 characters long
  • Description tags should typically be 70-155 characters long
  • Keywords are important if they fit naturally - avoid unatural language
  • Look at your tags from a customer's point of view


Let's suppose you are in search of a budget microwave oven. You might search for "Cheap Microwave". The Title tag Cheap Microwave Ovens with a description tag of "Cheap Microwave Ovens at PriceRunner ✓ SAVE money by comparing prices of 100+ models!" is definitely going to atttract your attention. Note that the company name is far less important than the attention grabbing headline. Don't be afraid to use words like cheap or bargain if they apply to your product and are likely search terms. Putting the company name first is only vanity unless you are a household name. A title tag of "Jiffy Household Appliances Ltd sells some great stuff at realistic prices" just won't cut it! Remember, look at your product/service from the positon of a potential customer that has no idea who you are, "Convince them"!

Check your site:

Use a tool such as Screaming Frog to analyse your Web site (the free version can handle up to 500 pages) and will show tags that are too long/short as well as missing and duplicate tags. It does a lot more as well.

Other Meta Tags:

The keywords tag used to be popular but the major search engines now ignore it due to misuse. I believe it is worth using if you've got some spare time on the basis that it does no harm if used properly and future search engine policy might include it again.

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